Dickman, Big John, and Matty join the show to talk police videos, some current events, and take calls from women who just want to shoot the shit.

Today, June 8th, is Ethan Nordean's birthday.
Unfortunately, this will be Ethan's 3rd birthday spent locked up.
There isn't too much we can for him because the facility is so strict, but there are a couple of things:

1. Write him a letter.
The facility does not allow greeting cards, as well as pictures or packages, so it needs to be just a normal letter on regular paper. The envelope also needs to have a return address. The address is:

Ethan Nordean 281751
William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Center, 2001 Mill Road, Alexandria, VA 22314

2. Put money on his tablet so that he is able to buy books to read, movies/shows to watch and music to listen to.
Their tablet is really the only thing they have to distract and entertain themselves.

Instructions to put money on tablet
    1.    Go to ( and create an account
    2.    Go to the Securus Debit tab and select "find contact"
    3.    Add Ethan as a contact. He is in Virginia at the Alexandria detention center. ID 281751.
    4.    Once he is added, you will be able to fund his tablet.

Anything that you can do is much appreciated and will help bring some joy to him and put a smile on his face. Thank you!

Jun 09th, 2023

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