Full Mental Retard S1E04: Hottest Countries

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Cody thinks he's getting old because of his impatience and talks about the newest Out & About episode about drag queens and men in female bathrooms. We check out a dude's new music video from the Mail Bag and jump into Saskatune time to check out another dude who rules. Cody and the live chat also talk about huffing paint. In the School of Faggotry we learn that all is fair in love and war. An article breaks down the most attractive nationalities in the world, so we go in a deep dive of the top 5 to see if it's CAP. During Oddities, the chat exposes a dude with tourettes might be faking it. We learn there is a 3rd gender in Hawaii and Censored.tv's own SLOTUS weighs in on the matter. A chick removes a butterfly tattoo on her ass. Did you have a bike ramp growing up? Kids these days won't know the fun. Lastly, we see some racism at a skatepark.

Mar 25th, 2023

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