The "CitiBike Karen" story was not only unfair, it was TOTALLY unbelievable from the beginning. A tired, pregnant woman trying to rip-off 5 black males.
Yet, the media went with that pretty much unanimously. Worse, there's no corresponding public ire going THE OTHER WAY now that we're all agreed, the 5 black guys were robbing her.

An 86-yr-old man accused of murdering his estranged wife and botching the crime scene clean up is in some sort of custody, appropriate to his frail-ass condition. We have to wonder what the old woman did to cause this man to allegedly kill her.

The family of the woman who was followed into her Chinatown apartment and murdered by the follower blames nypd for arriving too late to help. As my guest Seth Barron (managing editor, American Mind) says, "NYPD. When you need help in seconds, they arrive in minutes."

May 22nd, 2023

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