NYCCR - 017

IF the third time is the charm, then the 17th time is a fuckload more charming, so lube your lip and let it rip, the MOAB is about to drop on a hot, sandy place, and when that shit turns to glass, you don't want to be the one holding the squeegee.
The opening shot of the Chinese civil war was FIRED at Columbia University; the man hit the lady unconscious, he on the loose, we got his pic.
A woman who uses her cunt as a welding mask; a tranny gets knocked on his stupid ass by an angry bodega owner; Curtis Sliwa, all the way back in the damn game; a guy fries on the third rail, then gets cut-up and served by the train; a dood get his face opened the fck up by special guest (spoiler) Kid QUICK!
Douglas Nelson's uniquely funny cartooning on New York Post Stories.
Special guest for the second half: retired NYPD detective Vic Ferrari, author of Law and Disorder -
order here: Ferrari/e/B01IIQXLBC/ref=dp_byline_cont_pop_ebooks_1

Dec 05th, 2022

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