When the New York Daily News reports that a "woman" walked into an UES juice bar and got into a "heated argument" with a 39-yr-old worker, before picking up a knife and nearly stabbing him to death - it's immediately clear there's a lot missing from this story.

So we play the fun Daily News game: Fill in the Blanks!

VIDEO When a homeless veteran gets saucy with a lady cop - threatening to "fuck her up" and "kill every fucker" who comes around him - she's forced to blast him in the chest twice. He doesn't fall. Turns and walks away. WTF. YOU GOTTA SEE IT.

VIDEO A highly unskilled carjacker hits no less than 12 cars while trying to make his escape. Lots of people around, innocent bystanders and shit.

INDIA We take a detour to remember the guy who fires his pistol at at a wedding before shooting himself in the hand. Better days. And we look at a couple in some shithole place there who decided over the weekend to cut their heads off with a homemade guillotine. TOGETHER!

All that, plus new segments NYPD Precinct YELP, Least Effective Click Bait, and still more.

Get into this show, it's got laughs, information and depth. Better people love a better show.

Apr 18th, 2023

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