NYCCR - EP49: Cheapest AirBB in NYC, Where to get Raped, Get Naked and Walk Your Kid to School

Thomas Paladino joins Pat And Doug for another blockbuster episode of NYC crime news and information you can count on and laugh at.
Riverside Park - attempted rapes in three locations. We explain why.
A true NYC hustler who is linked to prominent city Democrats is renting out fcking VANS through AirBB. $96 a night, you piss and shit on the street. What?
A pantsless heathen in a purple robe desecrates a Catholic church, claiming it's his home.
Oh, and the governor has joined with city Democrats in efforts to start a pilot program that may effectively legalize prostitution. We laugh at them and scoff at their idiotic notions. All of them. Fuck them.
All this and more in a big episode.
Many thanks to for providing a platform for this program and many more to the loyal fans who watch each week. Spread the word and make this show a true favorite.

Jul 28th, 2023

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