JUSTICE FOR SHITHEAD (pronounced shith-heed)

NYC CRIME REPORT (me, Pat Dixon) is always proud to welcome members of law enforcement, and this week features retired NYPD lieutenant JOHN MACARI for a conversation that goes beyond observations about the decline of quality of life in NEW YORK CITY.
Host of NEW YORK'S FINEST, RETIRED AND UNFILTERED Podcast, MACARI was forced out of NYPD due to his refusal to take the stupid, fcking, ineffective and deadly vaccine.
The big story this week, the MJ impersonator who got permanently calmed down on the subway by a conscientious, but either under or over-qualified, permanent calm-down administrator.
Leftist dumshits predictably make it thing, and give me a fckn' break.

Douglas Nelson drops a New York Post story so sexy it can't be completed in one go.
Censored dot tv subs, get 10% off with promo "PAT".

May 07th, 2023

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