THE DUSTY BOGAN - EP81: Rain, Flags and megaphones

Dusty and the boys hand out Aussie flags to families at the Anzac parade. The rain couldn't keep the crowds away. Anzac Day in Australia is a public holiday where we honour our veterans and serving soldiers.

Lest we forget

We went to two events this episode (Anzac Parade/Freedom Rally) The rain at the Anzac parade stuffed up the audio so I dubbed the start clip. Lol I made the most of the footage we got. We had a great day with the boys.

At the freedom rally we run into the mad street preacher lady from a few episodes back. We hooked her up with a mega phone and had a bit of banter with her and her friend. We will definitely be helping these street preachers more in the future. Cheers aye

Apr 28th, 2022

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